Simple hacks to make every day Earth Day

At Eco Lily, we’re all about living more sustainably. And in the spirit of Earth Day, we’re looking at how we can play our part every day to reduce our environmental footprint. So we’ve rounded up some simple hacks that can make a positive impact on our planet. As you’ll see these really don’t need to be complicated – often the simplest ideas are the best. Read on to find out more…



1. Plastic-free periods

Single-use menstrual products produce a staggering 200,000 tonnes of waste a year in the UK. So our top hack for your sustainable living toolkit is switching to reusable sanitary products. Eco Lily Reusable Period Pads and Panty Liners are easy to wear, easy to wash and can be used again and again. Made from bamboo fibres they’re not only sustainable but breathable, and feel way more natural than plastic disposables. They’re an investment that pays off in so many ways. Our Starter Kit with both Medium and Heavy sizes is the perfect way to try them out.


2. Be savvy about leftovers

Reducing food waste is not only a way to be kinder to the planet, but it also can save you money too. There are lots of ingenious ways to use up leftovers. Instead of throwing wilting herbs, dry them out or freeze them. Make your own delicious stocks from vegetable peelings. Turn ripe fruits into jams or smoothies. Use stale bread to make croutons or breadcrumbs. Grow your own vegetables using vegetable scraps. The list really is endless.


3. Reuse water

We’re all guilty of wasting water without even thinking about it. But these simple tricks can change that. When you boil vegetables, rice and potatoes, instead of draining the starchy water away, save it by straining over another pot. It’s full of nutrients and can be used to feed your garden or compost pile. And while you’re waiting for the tap to run hot, save the water in a jug and use it to water your houseplants.


4. Go paperless

This one can be a challenge, but we can all make little changes to reduce paper waste. One simple way is to switch to online paperless billing for all your statements and bills. The same goes for tickets and boarding passes. If you love to read, kindles, online books, borrowing from the library or swapping with friends are better alternatives than ordering books online which involves transport emissions and excessive single-use plastic.


5. Go greener in the bathroom

Some simple bathroom swaps can make your bathroom habits more sustainable. Switch from plastic toothbrushes to bamboo toothbrushes and biodegradable dental floss. Swap liquid shampoos in plastic bottles for solid shampoo bars. Also, steer clear of toothpastes and body scrubs with microbead crystals to reduce microplastic residues. And how about cleaning your face with our double-sided Reusable Makeup Remover Pads? They’re soft, durable and washable, and as they’re made from non-chemical materials, they’re safe for all skin types too.


6. Make ‘unpaper’ towels

Instead of reaching for paper towels to wipe up spillages, a more sustainable option is to use makeshift rags. Cut up old t-shirts, pop them in a jar on your surface top, then you’ll always have them to hand. Keep another jar in a cupboard for dirty ones, and once it’s full, just wash with your laundry.   


7. DIY cleaning products

Many cleaning products are loaded with toxic, polluting substances that can be bad for the environment and our health. A safe sustainable swap is to make your own environmentally-friendly cleaners. Household items like baking soda, white vinegar, olive oil, essential oils and lemons make really effective, natural cleaners that can cut through grease, lift stains and even have anti-bacterial properties.


8. Repurpose clothing

There are plenty of ways we can be more conscious when it comes to our wardrobes. Buying or selling used clothes is a great option to recycle or upcycle clothes. You could also repurpose material from old clothing for craft projects, cushion covers, bags and more. And next time you have a special occasion, why not rent an outfit from a dress hire company or borrow from a friend instead of buying a new item that you won’t wear again.


Feeling inspired? Give these hacks a try, we’d love to know how you’re getting on. Tag @EcoLilly and #EarthDay with your ideas.