Are reusable period pads really that sanitary?

So, you’ll probably already know that reusable period pads are much better for the environment than disposables. And that over time, they are better for your wallet too. But did you know they’re also better for you? Read on to find out why.


Here at Eco Lily HQ we get asked a lot of questions about our period pads. And, understandably, one of your top concerns is how hygienic Eco Lily period pads and panty liners are. So we wanted to put your mind at ease by explaining what makes them even more hygienic than disposables, and how to make sure you’re using them safely.


Totally toxin-free


Most disposable period pads aren’t as healthy as you may think. They were designed for convenience above anything else. Made from plastic, they contain lots of harmful toxins and chemicals that can irritate our lady parts, cause infections and throw our PH levels off balance. Which is why we have carefully chosen only the safest materials for our reusable period pads and panty liners to make sure they contain absolutely no nasties.


Naturally breathable


Our pads are made from breathable bamboo, which feels so much softer against the skin. The top layer is a soft fleece embedded with bamboo charcoal, which also neutralises odours to keep you smelling fresh. While the bamboo fibres in the middle layers feel way more natural and comfortable than disposables.


Wearing a pad made from natural materials allows skin to breath, which helps prevent bacteria growing, while still being super absorbent.


Change regularly


Like with any menstruation protection, the key to using them safely is to change often. But how often should you change your reusable period pad? Just like with disposables, we recommend changing every 2-4 hours, but this really does depend on your flow. If your flow is heavy, or at the start of your period when you usually bleed more, you’ll need to change more frequently. Try not to leave it too long as old menstrual blood can cause bacteria to build up. The vulva’s a warm and humid environment – especially during your period!


But what about night-time? Don’t worry, our pads will hold just as much as your disposables. So you can definitely wear them overnight and get a good night’s sleep. Just make sure you use a clean, dry pad and some fresh underwear.


If you’re new to reusable pads, we suggest you try our Starter Kit with both Medium and Heavy sizes to test out the right pad for your flow.

Wash properly 


Ok, so here’s a question that comes up a lot! Can you really clean sanitary pads after each period? The simple answer is yes! Just like you wouldn’t discard a pair of pants after you’ve worn them – it really is no different to wearing and washing your underwear. As long as you make sure your pads are washed properly and completely dry before you use them, you’re good.  


Here are our top washing tips for Eco Lily period pads and panty liners: 


1. Wash your pads before using them for the first time. It might be tempting to skip this part, but it helps to activate the absorbency of the fibres. 


2. After use, rinse pads in cold water or soak overnight to remove excess blood and prevent staining. 


3. Machine wash using normal detergent on a 30-40 degree cycle. Or hand wash with warm water and soap. Don’t use fabric softener as it reduces the absorbency. 


4. You might need to stretch your pads back into shape after washing and hang them to dry. Don’t tumble dry on a high heat as that might cause shrinkage. 


Hopefully we’ve reassured you that Eco Lily reusable period pads and panty liners are safe and healthy to use. But if you do have any more questions, please drop us a line. 


Like anything new, reusable pads take a bit of time to get used to, but once you’ve made the switch we think you won’t look back. Are you ready to reuse?