Don’t sweat it: Using Eco Lily pads on holiday doesn’t have to be stressful


Eco lily reusable pads in suitcase


Whether you’ve already made the switch to Eco Lily reusable period pads or are still mulling it over, we get that wearing and caring for them when you’re on holiday may be completely new territory. But it really doesn’t need to be a hassle. Read on to find out more.

At Eco Lily  we passionately believe that you should feel comfortable wearing our products anywhere, anytime. And this means even when you’re travelling for work or fun – whether it’s a couple of days away or a few weeks.

Try at home first

It’s probably best that you’ve already worn and washed your Eco Lily reusable period pads at home first. It’s not a massive deal if you haven’t, but knowing the basics will make life easier.

  1. Rinse in cold water until the water runs clear, or soak in cold water before washing to get rid of any stains. Don’t use warm water, as this will ‘set’ stains.
  1. Wash with your laundry on a 30 or 40 degree cycle using laundry detergent, but without fabric softener as it reduces the absorbency.
  1. Dry either outside on the line or inside on an airer. Don’t be tempted to tumble dry the pads as this might cause shrinkage.

Pack for your flow

Knowing your flow and the length of time you’ll be away for will help you plan how many Eco Lily reusable period pads to pack. Whether you’ll be gone for the duration of your period or just a day or two, pack accordingly ideally with different absorbencies to cover all bases. 

Plan for your destination

You’ll also need to consider where you are staying. A hotel? Private apartment? With relatives? Will you have washing facilities? Do you even want to wash when you’re away? These are all factors that will determine how many pads you will need. If you’re just staying somewhere for a short time, you could rinse your used pads, keep them in your wet bag and back and bring them home to wash after your trip. If you’re staying somewhere with a private bathroom and a washing machine, you could soak them in the sink (or a soaking bucket if you have one available), wash and dry as normal. Some of our customers like to rinse their pads in the shower, give them a quick scrub with soap then hang dry. You can give them a proper wash when you get home.

Don’t forget your wet bag

Every box of Eco Lily reusable period pads and panty liners comes with its own handy wet bag. This is a travelling essential. Our bag has two compartments, one for keeping clean pads and a separate one for storing soiled pads. If you’re able to rinse your pad, do that first, then pop them in the compartment for washing. If you’re going to be away for a long time or are travelling around and won’t have time to wash, pack a few wet bags. The pads will be fine stored in them until you get chance to give them a good clean.

Top tips

  1. Use some natural soap to scrub the pad in the shower or the sink before rinsing, and pack some laundry detergent if you plan on washing. 
  1. Pack a little bottle of tea tree oil. Add a few drops to your cold soaking water – it helps to sanitise the pads. 
  1. Hang the pads over the shower door to dry or if you have an airer outside even better. If it’s a hot destination, the sun will not only dry the pads quicker, but naturally bleaches out stains.

What about the smell?

This is always one of the worries that pops up around storing pads when you’re away. Menstruation blood does have a natural odour, but the smell most of us are aware of happens when the blood and sweat reacts with the chemicals in disposable sanitary pads. We have zero nasties in our pads and the natural bamboo makes them more comfortable to wear, so the smell is minimised. If you’re soaking the pads in a container, change the water if it begins to smell after a day or two.


So you see, there’s no need to stress about it. If you haven’t already, check out our range and give them a try today before you venture further afield. Then you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your trip without worrying about your period pads.

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